Yamato Indigo

Natural-blend indigo dye from Japan.

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Yamato Indigo

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Zoom Yamato Indigo Leather Paint Kit
Zoom Yamato Indigo Leather Paint Kit
Zoom Yamato Indigo Leather Paint Kit

Yamato Indigo Leather Paint Kit

$45.50 Regular price $65.00

This kit includes all you need to make unique leather coasters and name tags with indigo dye paint. Great idea for home crafts and a unique gift for your creative loved ones. 

Included in the package: 
10g of Yamato Indigo Dye
8 x Leather coaster
4 x Name tag
60ml of 30% pure vinegar 
Leather oil   


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Easy to use

All you need is to mix Yamato Indigo with water. It instantly becomes ready to dip and use as a dye. No heating or waiting is necessary.

Japan Blue

Yamato Indigo dyes natural materials, such as cotton, linen, silk, leather, wood, and washi paper, into a vibrant, beautiful “Japan Blue.”