Yamato Indigo

Natural-blend indigo dye from Japan.

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Yamato Indigo

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How To Make Itajime Shibori

Itajime is one of the most popular shibori (tie-dye) techniques. It literally means “wood clamping,” as dyers often use cutouts of wood or plastic board. In this video, we show...

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What is "Sarashi" ?

Sarashi is a white cotton fabric used everyday in Japan for many purposes. Traditionally woven with a 35cm (1’ 2”) width, this soft light fabric is very absorbent and dries...

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Easy to use

All you need is to mix Yamato Indigo with water. It instantly becomes ready to dip and use as a dye. No heating or waiting is necessary.

Japan Blue

Yamato Indigo dyes natural materials, such as cotton, linen, silk, leather, wood, and washi paper, into a vibrant, beautiful “Japan Blue.”